This is the seventh publication to be offered on CD. Dr. Sheil has digitized the entire Cherry Creek Illustrated book and generated an everyname index.

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Cherry Creek Illustrated is a little volume created by Charles J. Shults and published in 1900. For those who are looking for ancestors, or the history of a small Town and village in eastern Chautauqua County, this book contains a wealth of detailed biographical and historical information. In addition to text, there are over one hundred fifty pictures, including many photographs of residents, several scenes, along with some of the homes and buildings within the village and surrounding area.
When the book was published, it did not contain an every name index- rather, it indexed only the photographs. Some years ago, Mrs. Agnes Lee Mitchell extracted all of the names and created an index. She very graciously allowed the Society to publish it. Mrs. Mitchell\’s index has been incorporated within this presentation. The Chautauqua County Genealogical Society is very grateful not only to Mrs. Mitchell, but also to the Barker Museum and to Mrs. Patricia Dake, Curator, for the loan of a copy of Cherry Creek Illustrated, so that the book could be scanned and ultimately issued as a Compact Disc (CD).

Richard F. Sheil,
for the Chautauqua County Genealogical Society
Fredonia, NY
January 2005